Listen up, family! It's Manny's 13th birthday and the guy has something important to say.
On their way to Manny's birthday party, Mitchell and Cam get distracted at the mall. They have this old couple to blame.
Manny is making a speech and Haley is making a face in this photo. It's courtesy of the former's 13th birthday.
Jay and Gloria clink glasses in this scene, as they sit at a restaurant and celebrate their son's birthday. Manny turns 13 on "Dash, Flash, Crash."

Modern Family Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

You can't have two fun parents... You know that kid Liam who wears pajama pants to school and pays for things with a hundred-dollar bill? Two fun parents.


Luke: Dad's like crazy fun, but you're nice.
Claire: I'm nice?!?
Luke: Well, not now.