Dylan rocks out for the family as Haley looks on and swoons over her much older and slightly talented boyfriend.
Shelly Long guest starred on Modern Family last night as Dede, Jay's ex-wife slash Claire and Mitchell's mother.
Jay knows how to drive the women crazy. Here his ex-wife, Dede (Shelly Long) strangles Gloria over some pent up anger.

Modern Family Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Claire: My mom started drinking these cocktails called "horny Colombians" with some of Gloria's uncles, whom apparently the drink was named after
Phil: Oh come, they were funny
Claire: They kept grabbing my butt
Phil: Somebody is full of herself. It's a Colombian wedding tradition.. they said

Cameron: Who was that?
Mitchell: My mom
Cameron: Yeah right, cause the last time she was here the magnets are the refrigerator arranged themselves into a penta... hi grandma!