A photo of Ziva in the 4/9/13 episode of NCIS, "Chasing Ghosts."
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Abby meets with a crisis counselor in a photo from "Recovery." The second episode of NCIS' 10th season airs October 2, 2012.
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No one knew quite what to make of Abby's obsession.
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Vance lurks on NCIS.
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Gibbs' ex-wife Diane comes to NCIS November 1. She's Fornell's ex-wife as well!
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The NCIS team must figure out if a Navy Lieutenant was murdered for what he knew or was it a random mugging on NCIS. "Kill the Messenger" is the second episode of the show's 12th season.
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Abby is one of our favorite NCIS characters. We're holding out hope for an Abby-McGee hookup at some point!
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You can't live with 'em ... pass the coffee. Right, Gibbs?
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NCIS Quotes

Qasim: Who did you lose, exactly?
Bishop: A co-worker, a few years ago.
Qasim: It stays with you doesn't it? It's a heavy burden to bear alone.
Bishop: Look, I focus on the analytic aspects of things. That's where I'm effective. It's how I can best help people.
Qasim: And who is it that helps you? It's what we don't say that weighs the most. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

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