The world isn't big enough for one Tony DiNozzo. Put two together and it's just off the hook.
Tony and Ziva go undercover on NCIS. Tony Sr., that is.
No one knew quite what to make of Abby's obsession.
Abby in a photo from the November 9, 2010 episode of NCIS. "Broken Arrow" also marks the return of Tony Sr.
Tony and McGee were suspicious from the start.
Is Abby in over her head? The NCIS team suspects she might be in "Cracked."
Bruce Boxleitner is coming to NCIS in November. Here's a first look at his character with Gibbs.
Those people are messed up. We'll still take Gibbs.
Ziva, McGee and Tony in "Dead Air," the October 19, 2010 episode of NCIS. We're looking forward to this one already.
A shot from the Oct. 12 episode of NCIS. Should be another good one.
Gibbs does not care for details. Just the facts, and only the necessary ones at that.
Gibbs, Ducky and Palmer do their thing. "Short Fuse" airs October 5, 2010.

NCIS Quotes

Palmer: I take it you heard?
Gibbs: Mmm hmm.
Palmer: Yeah, she saw the baby and just....I guess she felt the same way we felt when we first saw him. Can't fault her for that, right?
Gibbs: You should go home.
Palmer: I will. Yeah Breena and I, we just wanted to get all this stuff out of the house. You know, we wanted to give it back as soon as possible.
Gibbs: We.
Palmer: Me. She's hurting too, but she is so much stronger. She's ready to try again. And me - I feel like I can't breathe. I never felt this bad in my life, Gibbs.
Gibbs: Well, just wait until it's 3:00 in the morning, and your kid's running 104. You're just getting started.
Palmer: That's the point. I'm not starting, you know? Maybe I never will.
Gibbs: Well then fight for it, Palmer! That's what you do. You fight for your family. And sometimes, you fight like hell just to have one.
Palmer: You want me to fight, I feel like I just went ten rounds with Joe Louis.
Gibbs: Do you want to be a dad, Palmer? Because right now, this is being a dad.
Palmer: Maybe I'm not ready.
Gibbs: You wouldn't feel the way you feel, right now, if you weren't ready.

I am an NCIS special agent. My duty is to serve and protect the United States, and our Navy and Marine Corps across global boundaries. I recognize my badge as a symbol of authority and public trust. I will live my life above reproach, understanding my actions reflect upon my fellow special agents, and our agency.