It doesn't appear that Zelena is letting go of the Dark One's dagger any time soon on Once Upon a Time.
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Will Emma, Hook, Mary Margaret and David be able to keep an eye on Regina when she tries to get close to the newest villains in Storybrooke?
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Emma tries to process the information about her parents' past as everyone searches for the author on Once Upon a Time.
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Victoria Smurfit as Cruella de Vil on Once Upon A Time
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Snow White are Prince Charming must make a decision about the fate of their unborn child in a fairy tale flashback on Once Upon a Time. "Best Laid Plans" is the 17th episode of the show's fourth season.
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Meghan Ory plays Red Riding Hood on ABC's Once Upon a Time.
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What's it like to have a baby brother who is 30 years your junior? Only Emma Swan would know.
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We're in the Enchanted Forest for this Once Upon a Time scene. It's courtesy of the episode "Into the Deep."
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Once Upon a Time Quotes

Maybe you should take a piece of advice from a man who has pushed away every chance of happiness because it was never enough. If it's within your grasp, if you know where it is and who it's with, then you should run to it, grasp it and never let it go.

Mr. Gold

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming