Taystee and Crazy Eye's react to not receiving a plum assignment
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Alex chokes Lolly after an attempted stabbing in the bathroom.
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Aleida tries to have a heart to heart with Daya as she goes into labor.
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Piper Chapman is about to go to jail. This is a photo from the Orange is the New Black premiere.
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Nicky and Piper share a conversation at the picnic table.
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Some inmates confront Piper when they are outside of the prison. They look intimidating.
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Transgendered inmate visits the hospital doctor as viewers learn more about her in Lesbian Request Denied.
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Larry visits Piper in prison. They hug, happy to see one another.
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Orange is the New Black Quotes

I used to think you were a yellow dandelion, but you are all dried up with the puff blown off. But that's all right. You are who you are like I am who I am.

Crazy Eyes

Poussey: Books are made from paper and trees, so we thought they should be returned to the trees from whence they came and everything.
Taystee: The ultimate book return.