Rose and Sage are dressed up for their charity luncheon for Cuba. Sage especially is dressed with a little Spanish flair.
Rose is dressed in a gown for her charity luncheon that she set up for the plight of the Cuban immigrants. She did it to get Sage closer to Luis.
Rose organizes a charity luncheon in order for Sage to talk to Luis more. Rose brings in synchronized swimmers to reenact the Cuban immigrants plight. They use a raft. Very funny.
Marco and Keith (David Monahan) sit down to eat at the charity luncheon. These two are not very happy as they're fighting about Marco opening a cafe.
Luis (Ignacio Serricchio) steps outside to listen to Rose and Sage give a speech about Cuba after he cooked the giant feast for the charity luncheon.

Privileged Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Will: So what happened tonight? You got pretty enthusiastic with the vodka
Megan: That was not the plan
Will: There was a plan?
Megan: Well yeah. I thought we'd, you know, have a few drinks, get a little loosely goosey. I kept drinking when you kept drinking and you're much bigger than I am and all of a sudden I got very loose very fast.

Megan: Will's a playboy right?
Marco: Generally speaking, absolutely
Megan: So why isn't he playing me? I'm ready to go. Wearing to go. Every night's the same -- just when we get to the good part he says "oh it's getting late" or "I have an early tennis match." I mean who plays that much tennis?