Kristoffer Polaha plays Henry Gallagher on Ringer. He's Gemma's husband and he's having an affair with Siobhan.
Nestor Carbonell plays a federal agent on Ringer. He's placed in charge of Siobhan.
It's difficult to tell, but trust us: this is a photo of Siobhan. She seeks out her twin on the pilot of Ringer.
Bridget is an alcoholic. She's seen here during an AA meeting.
Ioan Gruffudd plays the husband of one of Sarah Michelle Gellar's twins on Ringer. It's confusing, we know, but watch and you'll figure it out.
Sarah Michelle Gellar appears here as Bridget. She's one of two characters played by the actress on Ringer.

Ringer Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Siobhan: I was wondering how you'd look after six years.
Bridget: Not nearly as good as you.

Mistakes aren't tragedies.


Ringer Season 1 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
I fall to pieces I Fall To Pieces Patsy Cline iTunes
Secret chambers Secret Chambers Revision iTunes
Purified Purified Tamar Kaprelian iTunes