Carla manages to get Turk into the on call room with the promise of sex in order to get him to sit down and talk to J.D.
The Todd goes full on creepy as he now participates in swinging couples... without bringing another half himself.
Elliot tricks J.D. into the on call room by making out with him and dragging him there to talk with Turk.
When Turk and J.D. are a little upset with each other, Elliot and Carla trick them into going into the on-call room to talk.

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Denise: I don't know why I keep jumping into bed with him. My confidence is shot from screwing up that spinal last week and then yesterday I misdiagnosed a ectopic pregnancy. I dunno maybe I wanted to do I knew I could do right. Like banging a dude. I'm a giant ho bag.
Elliot: No, no you're not. So is Derek a good guy?
Denise: Derek? I thought it was Eric

Kim: Hey, J.D., since you're coming around my hospital a lot more often now, I was hoping maybe you could dress a little nicer and maybe say smell you later a little less often or just stop completely?
J.D.: Are you sure? It's hilarious
Kim: It's not.