Denise yells at J.D. and Turk after they make her feel like a fool for expressing her feelings.
Piss at J.D. and Turk for making her express her feelings, only to get rejected, Denise drags J.D. and Turk by the ears.
Lucy is thrilled to get a picture of her patient, Andy, who she feels is going to recover from his alcoholism. Sure.
Zach Braff will appear on only a few episodes of the ninth season. But he'll still pop up occasionally on the ninth season of Scrubs.

Scrubs Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Lucy: I've been hiding from my teacher, it's a little game we play.
Andy: Really?
Lucy: No, you can win at games.

J.D.: You're dangerous aren't you?
Drew: Yes I am.
J.D.: I bet you listen to rap music.