Chloe comes across Stephen Swift on the episode "Warrior." She and him have an interesting time together.
Chloe meets a teen named Stephen on the episode "Warrior." He will later grow into Warrior Angel.
This is a scene from the episode "Warrior." It features Carlo Marks as Stephen Swift.
Serinda Swan is back on Smallville. She's seen here, reprising her role as Zatanna.
Chloe comes across a teenager on the episode "Warrior." He'll soon transform himself into this character.
Carlo Marks guest stars on the episode "Warrior." He's seen here in the character of Stephen Swift.

Smallville Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Lois: I'm cashing in a rain check. You cannot renege on a rain check.
Clark: Lois, can I rain check on your rain check?
Lois: No. You have been cashing in on so many rain checks recently that I am soaking wet with disappointment.

Alec: So, uh, why do you do t?
Clark: I do it because I want to help people... like you. Not because I have to but because I choose to.
Alec: What do I do now.
Clark: You... should go home and be a kid, and remember the next time you run into a bully that there is some goodness in there.
Alec: 'Cause everyone's worth saving.
Clark: And a hero's work is never done