A picture of Kyle Broflovski, one of the four main boys of South Park. Kyle is the Jewish one.
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A picture of Kenny McCormick, the foul-mouthed fourth member of the South Park kids.
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Butters gets his own episode for the South Park season five finale.
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Butters is diagnoses with multiple personality disorder on the next South Park. In this scene, he's apparently cracking a safe.
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A picture of Tweek Tweak, one of the better known students in the South Park elementary school.
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We get to meet Mr. Hankey's family when he's too busy to spread the holiday cheer on South Park.
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A picture of Randy Marsh jamming out to some Kansas as he tries to show his kid a real guitar.
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The South Park poster featured the whole town.
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South Park Quotes

Chinpokomon Executive: You are American.
South Park Toy Store Owner: Yes.
Chinpokomon Executive: Ohhh, you must have very big penis!
South Park Toy Store Owner: Excuse me, I was just asking you what your up to with these toys.
Chinpokomon Executive: Nothing, we are very simple people with very small penis. Mr. Hosik's penis is especially small!
Mr. Hosik: So small.
Chinpokomon Executive: We cannot achieve so much with such small penis, but you American wow, penis so big, so big penis!
South Park Toy Store Owner: Well aah I guess it is pretty good size.

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