If we didn't know better, we'd say that Donna was the bride to be, all decked out in white. This week, Donna will need to be at the ready for both Harvey and Louis, as they try to sway the partners in Jessica's direction. Donna is nothing if not beloved at the firm, so hopefully she can swing a few votes in their direction.
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Rachel has been looking particularly glamorous and bridal this season (always with a hint of white in her wardrobe!) and this look is no different. Let's hope that Mike doesn't decide to protect her by ending their engagement, or all of this white will have been for nothing!
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While Harvey deals with demons from his past, Jesscia's demons are more in the present, and they look distinctly like Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff. Let's hope that Harvey can table his issues for a week in order to help Jesscia win this battle, or their beloved partnership might be over sooner than we thought.
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Look who's back! It's Esther Edelstein, Louis' flawless little sister. Everyone looks mighty happy in this particular photo (I wonder who they're greeting with such confident smiles?) but something tells me it won't stay that way for long. Once Louis finds out about Harvey's tryst with Esther, the gloves might come off.
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Who is Jessica facing off with in this photo? Our best bet would be Daniel Hardman, but Jack Soloff is also a contender. Last week, we discovered that Jack might not be so evil as we predicted, since Hardman is forcing his allegiance via blackmail. If Jessica can turn that blackmail around, hopefully Jack with chose to back her instead.
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We rarely see Harvey so dressed down in the office, so you have to wonder just what the occasion is. He certainly doesn't seem to be wearing his victory face, so could Jessica have lost the vote? If so, life for Harvey is about to get very complicated, especially if Hardman manages to get his old partnership back.
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Mike and Rachel have had it pretty great so far this year, with their only major bump hitting them towards the end of the summer run. But it's a pretty sizable bump, seeing as how Mike's secret could be revealed at any moment. Even by Mike himself! Will he choose to end his engagement to Rachel to protect her, or quit his job altogether to protect their future?
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Mike Ross is a genius on "Suits".
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