Harvey makes an argument here on court in a scene from Suits Season 6 Episode 10.
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Jessica Pearson is out of Suits, but what's next for the character?
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Might Stu be ale to help his landlords with their case against Sutter, or would he throw them under the bus?
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Look who's back! It's Esther Edelstein, Louis' flawless little sister. Everyone looks mighty happy in this particular photo (I wonder who they're greeting with such confident smiles?) but something tells me it won't stay that way for long. Once Louis finds out about Harvey's tryst with Esther, the gloves might come off.
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Patrick J Adams, Sarah Rafferty, and Rick Hoffman arrived in NYC to show fans Suits Season 6 Episode 1.
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Cahill cannot bring down his boss, so what's next?
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Rachel is helping someone out in a complementary outfit in "Know When to Fold 'Em."
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While Jack Soloff might be a formidable foe at the moment, you know he's nothing when compared with Daniel Hardman. And Jessica's threat to fire him from the firm last week might not be sitting well with him. Can Soloff be swayed over to Jessica's side, or is he Team Hardman all the way?
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Now that Mike and Robert are both committed to winning this case, it looks like nothing but blue skies ahead, right? Wrong. As always, there's strife and tension and major differences of opinion between the hot-shot lawyer and his future father-in-law.
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Looking good, boys! This is a photo from the Suits Season 2 finale.
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It's "High Noon" on Suits. This is a photo from the summer 2012 finale of the USA hit.
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Remember when Louis used to be the laughing stock of the firm? Well, he's sick of it.
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Suits Quotes

Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.


Oh, and I'm black in here.