Might Stu be ale to help his landlords with their case against Sutter, or would he throw them under the bus?
Recent Views: 50
Has Harvey had enough of the terrible jokes Louis seems to think are hilarious? He wouldn't be the only one.
Recent Views: 37
Will Rachel and Jessica be quick to move on to the next case, or will they find one they know they can work with?
Recent Views: 31
Jessica has some bad news for Rachel about Leonard Bailey's case, but will it make Rachel give up?
Recent Views: 27
Gretchen and Donna always make a scene hilarious, but what could have them going through files?
Recent Views: 17
Sean really doesn't like when Harvey tries to outsmart him. That's when problems usually arise.
Recent Views: 16
Look who's back! It's Esther Edelstein, Louis' flawless little sister. Everyone looks mighty happy in this particular photo (I wonder who they're greeting with such confident smiles?) but something tells me it won't stay that way for long. Once Louis finds out about Harvey's tryst with Esther, the gloves might come off.
Recent Views: 14
Louis is trying to get Donna to agree on something, but will she do it without knowing all the facts?
Recent Views: 10
Finding a way to link Sutter to the crime is causing a divide within the firm.
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Harvey is not impressed with Rachel and we can only imagine why.
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Whatever information Rachel has, she and Mike are studying it intently in "Buried Secrets."
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Rachel looks to be having a break from it all, but is she thinking of her wedding, or being without Mike?
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Oh, and I'm black in here.


Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.