Somebody's knocking at the door, Sam! But who could it be?
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Sam has something important to say to Dean. It probably has to do with the case at the church. Or what they want to eat for dinner.
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Sam is on the road in this Supernatural scene. It's taken from the episode "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester."
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Want to know Rowena's favorite drink? Bet this witch will reveal that secret to Sam and Dean.
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A baby is found on the episode "Two and a Half Men." Samuel wants to raise it as a hunter.
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Sam's looking pretty desperate has he sits on the barn floor with his hands tied on this episode of Supernatural.
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Sam's got a serious look on his face. But who is the red-haired woman he's talking to? Charlie?
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Sam, Dean and Charlie are chatting about a book. It's definitely not "Fifty Shades of Grey."
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Supernatural Quotes

What is this, "The Godfather" with fangs?


You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.