Bart gets a job working as a bartender for Fat Tony's establishment, the "Legitimate Businessman's Social Club."
Homer wishes for Ned Flanders new store, The Leftorium to fail and his dream almost comes true.
Lisa goes to Washington for the finals of a Reading Digest essay competition.
Michael Jackson voiced a large, white crazy man claiming to be Michael Jackson on The Simpsons. He always famously wrote and sang a happy birthday song to Lisa. Amazing.
Miss Hoover is the second grade teacher at Springfield Elementary and has such wonderful students as Lisa and Ralph Wiggum in her class.
Lionel Hutz is one of the least competent lawyers ever, but he's also one of the funniest!
We'd be lying if we didn't say we missed Troy McClure and Phil Hartman's role on The Simpsons.
A picture of Dr. Hibbert, the main Doctor in Springfield on The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Quotes

Horst: (Sinister) Okay, Mr. Burns, you win. But beware. We Germans aren't all smiles and sunshine.
Mr. Burns: (Sarcastic) Oooh, the Germans are mad at me. I'm so scared! Oooh, the Germans! (Hiding behind Smithers) Uh oh, the Germans are going to get me!
Horst: Stop it!
Man: Stop, sir.
Mr. Burns: Don't let the Germans come after me. Oh no, the Germans are coming after me.
Man: Please stop the "pretending you are scared" game, please.
Horst: Stop it! Stop it!
Mr. Burns: (Pause) No! They're so big and strong!
Man: Stop it.
Horst: Stop it, Mr. Burns.
Man: Please stop pretending you are scared of us, please, now.
Mr. Burns: Oh, protect me from the Germans! The Germans--
Horst: Burns, Stop it!

(Squishing an ice cream to his forehead) I'm a unitard!