Nan Flanagan was a bitch. As the face of the American Vampire League she was probably the best known vampire in the U.S. That didn't stop Bill staking her for threatening to "out" Sookie's fae lineage.
Molly was working with the Vampire Authority and created the iStake -- a wonderful contraption that didn't work. They have her time to fix her mistake and Bill later uses it on her when she refuses to worship Lilith.
Was there anyone who didn't jump up and applaud the end of Maryann's reign? Shapeshifting Sam joined her celebration in the form of a bull and took her out. Yay!
Bill's maker tried to steal him from Sookie and was damn near able. In the end? Sookie tells her "I'm the bitch that's gonna kill you" and a minute later her dream came true. Gooey.
An old faerie restrained a thousands years old vampire with a big vendetta against the Stackhouse family so Jason could stake him before he took Sookie. Go figure.
Sookie and Jason were left very alone when Arlenes' boyfriend Rene turned out to be a serial killer named Drew Marshall and Gran was one of his victims.
Sick of eons of being a vampire and ready to it all to end, Godric chooses to end his own life while Sookie stands by watching Eric's maker meet his.
Cry a tear for Sookie, True Blood fans. This HBO epic is coming to an end.

True Blood Quotes

Pam: You picking up what I'm putting down?
Lafayette: Yes.
Pam: Good, I'll be back tomorrow for the money.

Will you be my vampire bride?

Franklin [to Tara]

True Blood Music

  Song Artist
Good behaviour Good Behaviour Powersolo iTunes
Pistol whip me Pistol Whip Me Acumen Nation iTunes
Crazed country rebel Crazed Country Rebel Hank Williams III iTunes