Alan joins the neighbor, Jerome (Michael Clarke Ducan), his ex-wife's new husband Herb (Ryan Stiles) and the pizza guy in a little a cappella. Yeah, you had to have seen the episode.
Charlie welcomes back Jerome (Michael Clarke Duncan) into his home and he seems much less angry this time that his daughter is going out with Jake. In fact, this time he brought snickerdoodles.
Charlie sits around drinking whiskey with the guys as they reminisce about their sexual exploits with women, even if two of those guys (Herb and Alan) share the same woman for most of their stories.
Chelsea is very shocked when she borrows Charlie's phone and discovers some nude pictures on there. Good old Berta is always there for support... or to laugh at his misfortune.

Two and a Half Men Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Charlie: Sure you don't want a drink?
Alan: Nah, when I'm depressed alcohol just makes me feel worse
Charlie: Yeah, same. The trick is to drink past that. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon

Chelsea: Do you want to explain to me why this woman is sending naked pictures of herself?
Charlie: I'd love to explain it
Chelse: ... go ahead
Charlie: I said I'd love to, I didn't say I could