The bandaged woman is reveal and it's Alexis Meade, formerly Alex Meade. Time to find out how he faked his own death and why he became a woman next. Oh and why she's plotting to take down her father.
Now that Betty is back at Mode, Daniel has two assistants: Amanda and Betty. Amanda was kind enough to keep Betty's desk and provide her with this one. Here she goes for a spin!
Wilhelmina, Marc and Amanda watch the return of their boss after his several week hiatus in Rio. They seem less than enthusiastic about his return.
Wilhelmina reluctantly welcomes back Daniel after his "vacation in Rio." Nice tan there Daniel, very natural looking.
Betty is desperate for a job after she quit MYW and gets one as a chip girl at a local Mexican place. It's just as prestigious.

Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Marc: Christina...
Wilhelmina: I will need a talented seamstress
Marc: Her works is impeccable
Wilhelmina: I can't understand a word she's saying
Marc [in Scottish accent]: Have a crumpet governor...
Marc: So annoying

Marc: When you move into Daniel's office, I am not sitting in Betty's old chair. This bum does not slum
Wilhelmina: Not what I've heard