Ignacio competes against television chef Frankie (Steve Schirripa) as part of a contest to attempt to win $10,000 in order to buy their home from their landlord.
Daniel and Wilhelmina go in front of a committee hearing for whether Meade Publications should receive Federal bailout money from a fiction print media bailout they're considering.
Betty and Matt (Daniel Eric Gold) sit back and watch as the television crew sets up for the cooking show that Ignacio is about to be on.
When Igancio pulls his back out during a cookie show competition, Betty, Hilda, Justin and Matt gather around him to make sure he's okay.
When Ignacio enters a cooking contest against fictional television chef, Frankie (Steve Schirripa), Betty has to step in after Ignacio pulls his back out.

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Betty [about her outfit]: Did I over do it?
Justin: No no, all black is.. Aunt Betty.. you look almost fashionable
Betty: Justin, are you crying?
Justin: No, I'm just proud

Marc: I did not sign up for this baby business.. cashmere diapers is she kidding?
Amanda: Aww, I love shopping at baby stores
Marc: You do?
Amanda: I like to sit in the tiny baby furniture and pretend I'm a giant.. the children cry, it's so much fun