Slusheed Artie
This sucks for Artie. The character gets slusheed on the Super Bowl episode of Glee.

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Oh and not only is this terrible but the storyline has a major hole in it...Artie has been slushied many times before...By Puck. And he was tossed into both a porta pottie and a dumpster...But the football players in this scene say they've never gone after him before...They have, Kranofsky and the mouthy black dude both.


Wow, picking on a kid in a wheel chair. Someone that can neither run away or defend himself, especially not a entire group of foot ball players. In real life protest groups would have been up in arms over this. And they should be. We need more coaches like Beaste to put this "football players have a right to be jackasses" double standard to rest.


OMG thats fucked up mean,poor Artie,what the hell is wrong with those jocks ,be in glee club is ok,as Rachel said being part of something epecial make you epecial,and belive in those words,this jocks need to stop picking on New Dirrections once and for all.

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Funny, Karofsy, how you call everyone gay all the time. But you never seem to have a girlfriend.


Brittany, please remind me how I single-handedly put cheerleading on the map.