Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Poster
FX has released the first official poster for season four of Sons of Anarchy. We cannot wait for new episodes of this drama.

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Hey im all the way fom little old New Zealand
me and my husband ABSOLUTLY LOVE S.O.A!!!!
watch it every week never missin a show! and have brought season 1-3 but waiting for 4 to come out, CAN NOT WAIT TO C SEASON 5 sound great!
Just wanted to say hey and you guys r awesome!!!!! Stacey


Hello, evrryone all the funs from Algeria and all of the world, this great show gives me a reason to watch a real tv show far from all the stupid things made in tv, my brother dicovered to me and i was out of my mind, i'm just waiting for the season 5 till then u take care.


hey guys i watch y'alls show's and have bought every season can't wait till september when the new season start's my husband and i won't miss a show . he works in louisiana off shore but we stay on the phone and watch it together with my kids well our little family won't miss this for anything .

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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She's the gatekeeper.


Jax: You want to be an old lady, then act like one! Do you what you're told! Pack your shit and head back to Charming.
Tara: I just helped you mother kill someone. That old lady enough for you?!?