Subway Station Scene
Looks like some kind of happening takes place on the third season premiere of Fringe. It airs on 9/23/10.

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Great review. I liked the eoipsde but it felt like the First Act of a three act story and it stopped in midstep. So it does not stand on its own. Need to see the other two eoipsdes before I can give this one a true mark. Interesting that the breakdown on our side results in sheep going missing which we know no longer exist in the RedVerse. Also found the fact that baby's blood is being used to power a device that could destroy an entire universe very symbolic. Finally the fact that after all this season long buildup, the Machine rejecting Peter totally blew me away. Having Peter going to the Machine now instead of in the final eoipsde, and having Walternate starting up the other Machine unfortunately given away in last week's promo, were great twists. Still think Peter will be going back to the Machine again before season's end. Love your review, understand your Inception remarks which did not detract from my enjoyment of LSD IMO, a great eoipsde, and keep on Fringing!

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm not crazy you know. To prove that to you I'd have to tell you some things that are even crazier.


Peter: The whole time I was in there, there was only one thing I could think about.
Bolivia: Yeah what? (Peter then kisses Bolivia)
Peter: That.