Summer vs. Blair
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The former spoiled OC star has more than just looks in common with Blair Waldorf.

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    blairr of course... they're both beutiful but i like most blair


    The people calling Rachel Bilson ugly, and a terrible actress, aren't smart people. Rachel is amazing, and she's a highly talented actress. I love Leighton, and I love her character, but there's no need to say negative things about Rachel, just because her character was different to Blair's. It's not like she's saying she's like Leighton. Rachel is alot prettier than Leighton. End of.


    I love the OC and i always have. Recently i had just satrted watching the Oc when my sister has been watching it for a while. I immediatly liked it. Mostly because it's so similar to the OC which is the best show on Earth. I'd have to say that Blair and Summer are alike but yet Summer i think is more realistic although Blairs character is awesome!! I just love Summer and Seth they are awesome but Chair i dont really like that much but they are ok!




    They're both pretty and unique.. but Rachel's role is such an airhead, but in a way, more realistic than Leighton's.
    but.. of course I prefer Blair.. she's just so mean!! love it!!


    obviousleyy baallir al the waaayy


    They are both gorgeous. I think Blair is prettier, but I don't see how their looks really matter. Summer was my favorite character on the OC. I loved Seth and Summer. Blair is my favorite on Gossip Girl and I love Chuck and Blair. Both great characters and shows.


    gossip girl gets way more ratings then oc after they killed marissa the show pretty much stunk gossip girl gets better and better each week but think rachel and leighton are equally pretty buti find blair more awesome then summer, summer can be a little goody i like how blair acts like a good student and still the biggest b**** at constance billards


    Blair looks more airbrushed.
    That may be why people are saying she looks prettier.
    But I love both of them.


    um excuse me rachel is sooooooo ugly and the oc is sooooooooooo old. blair is hot and pretty and gossip girl keeps getting better. so ya, i pick blair