Szohr Fashion
Jessica Szohr's fashion sense is always something we marvel at. Well, not always, but sometimes. Like here. What IS that thing?

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EEEK! I really want to pull her out of this picture put her in a nice, evening shirt and put her back. I love the jeans, I'm even good with the shoes but the top is not working. Jessica is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty, she seems to have a natural sense of fashion but she always takes one wrong step in her ensembles. It's just one thing that's usually off. Otherwise, she's babe.


Oh Man, please. I love Jess, but this? Kinda hard to swallow.


There are other ways to show off how thin you are w/out dressing like the slut she is.




if my stomach was that flat, i'd flaunt it too


Give her a break, please! This constant attack on Jess has become annoying.



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