T-Moms Smokin'!
Taylor Momsen puffs on a cigarette. She is 16. We're just saying, maybe she is a little young for this ...

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i laugh after reading these comments.
FY, i do not hate Taylor Momsen, nor do i love her. I just think she's an interesting person. but seriously! You can't hate people for smoking, or that's just ridiculous. It's normal for a teenager to smoke, drink and even take drugs at the age of sixteen. Or at least, where I come from. but for the record, Tay. wear a bra ;)


She's sixteen, she shouldn't be smoking!!! I don't care if she's a role model or not, smoking's not good for anyone, her fans or Taylor.


OH my god i hate her.. I understand that a lot of people smoke but that doesn't is right to do it.. It's so sad seeing a 16 years old smokin.. But i would hate her beside that

Melanie xo

She looks so different than little J in the first season... s'weird...


taylor momsen is honest, she has a great woise, she is brave, at least when it comes to her outfits and she dosn't give a fu*k about what people think of her.
How can you not love that!?


how can you be too young to smoke?
When an adult starts to smoker, I think it's stupid 'cuz they're older than us/teenagers so they should know better. But we're stupid and young, we have no idea what we're doing.
Jeez, i started smoking when I was 13, when i thought it was cool. Now it's just a pain in the ass, always going outside for a smoke, and it costs too much -.- damn it, i wish i'd never started to smoke


okay! to all those people who are like "she's 16, blah blah blah" or "she's supposed to be a role model, blah blah blah" ..so since she's 16 she shouldn't be smoking or dressing so provocatively or whatever? k seriously, shut up about all that, will you? she's 16? so what? do you have any idea how many 16 year olds smoke cigarettes? I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it's how it is. not a big deal. and as for the role model thing? she said it herself, that she doesn't care much about it. she's just doing her thing and can't help whether girls look up to her or not. let her be, honestly. she's not doing anything to you by taking a drag or wearing a garter!


Why do people act like teens don't smoke?


Yeah fame got to her head for sure. Where the hell are her parents?


I think the fame has gotten to her head, and she forgot that she's a teenager.

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