Brasa will do anything for his queen, even if that means missing the ceremony to make sure that the Geckos don't get in the way. Brasa's still got some tricks up his sleeve that will make the Geckos' visit a bit more interesting.
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Seth Gecko is a man with a plan. Even when things go from bad to worse, he has a plan that will, hopefully, save his ass. All he needs to do is trust his people and keep track of how many bullets he has left.
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Seth Gecko hides in out in what looks like an abandoned saloon. This town will be the team's final stand against Amaru. Everything is on the line. Can Seth stop Amaru and save Kate before it's too late?
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The last time we saw Kisa, she was mourning the loss of her girlfriend. Now, she's back, and she's ready to join the fight to save culebras from Amaru.
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The fierce jaguar warrior is back for the grand finale at the request of his master, Brasa. Richie has some unfinished business with the warrior, and what better setting for a showdown than the desert?
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Burt and Freddie have a lot in common. They are both badass warriors. Oh, they've also been romantically linked with Ximena at one point or another. But hey, there's more important things to focus on, like the fact they are getting picked off one by one in an abandoned aslyum.
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Mad Magazine provides a humorous nod to the Bride Of Frankenstein in the new issue. Take that, Kimye!
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The legendary singer guests on the holiday episode of The Michael J. Fox Show.
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Toby Regbo and Adelaide Kane star in the new CW drama set during the 16th Century.
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Amaru goes after Scott to send a message to Kate. While it doesn't look good for Scott, he's not one to go down without a fight. Plus, Scott has the Freddie and the Geckos for back up.
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Sex Machine finds his way inside a creepy Xibalban cult that worships Amaru. Could this be the big break the team needs?
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Richie's never one to go down without a fight. When cannibal attacks plague a suburban neighborhood, Richie rises up to the challenge, even though he's currently still reeling from his last encounter with Dr. Dakota Block.
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