Taylor Goes Punk
Taylor Momsen looks the punk rock part on the Gossip Girl set. We will see if these trendy fashions she wears make their way onto the show.

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x me taylor momsen è la migliore..è la the best..non so lo dico forse xkè si avvina alla mia età..x me lei è divina..
cn qll suo stile..il suo modo di fare..mi auguro ke lei stia insieme a chace crawford..
Dagli altri commenti vedo ke sono scirtti tt in inglese..bhe il mio si distinguerà..ihih
XoXo divina F


i LOVE this pic!!! i love her hair!! and her glasses and her lip gloss and her necklace!


LOVE her outfit does anyone know where i can get an outfit like that?


nice pic and i like her glasses . does anyone know which brand they are ???


She looks cool. I like her hair. It's soo much better than before when she had those annoying bangs.


who cares haha i love her glasses


I'd say it's chipped.


is her last fingers polish chipped or is it lighting ? lol

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