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Tension of the Sexual Variety
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In this photo from "Freedom," the 4th season Grey's Anatomy finale, Callie and Erica share a near flirtatious moment during surgery ... later they succumb to their desires. Hot!

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    the point is that grey's is trying to bring in each type of relationship and each type of scenario into play. shonda is by far one of the most amazing creators i have ever seen. next in line is dave zabel, michael crichton(rip), john wells. thanks so much're gold to me.


    Lori I read that Sada is really a lesbian. But I don't care. Cause I'm a lesbian. But even if I wasn't. I'de not care who was a lesbian or gay man. Cause I don't care who is straight. LOL!!! I love people I don't care what they do in there bedroom.


    Just to let you know in real life they are not lesbians..or bi or whatever you want to call it..It is just a story line, if you don't like it all you have to do is change the channel. Wow! How smart are we? lol! Get a grip and get a life..


    Just sexy...absolutely sexy!!!


    Well, Jerry - looks like your lame request has been granted - Erica is no longer Callie's lady love. Now you can watch the premarital sex, random sex, one-night-stands, adultery... and all the other good christian things that happen on the show. I remember when there were very few latinos, african-americans, or even divorced parents on television. If television and 'the media' is supposed to represent Americans... then 10-15% of it should be GAY!! And if they all would come out, it would be more like 20%. GET USED TO IT JERRY!


    After Jerry votes for McCain, maybe he should watch the heterosexual issues going on in the show ---- premarital sex, for one...... we are NOT child molesters or perverts or deviates--- what do you do in your bedroom, Jerry???????????????? Personally, I'm tired of seeing heteros going at it......... Get a life Jerry, I hear Pat Robertson has his own bible-thumping that next time!!!!!!!!!!


    Hmmm Jerry....I got one of those Tv's that has buttons that you can adjust the volume the color and all sorts of nice things. But the best feature is the channel changer. Maybe someday you can afford a tv that has such. So you don't have to watch lesbians kissing. OMG!!! That was so awful. LOL!!! Two people that care about each other showing affection. I myself thought it was a beautiful thing. But what do I know? I've just been a Lesbian for 47 yrs. Thank God!!! I'm not some old closed minded Man. So try and get a grip. If the show offends you. Don't watch it. And know that us Gay folk are every where and we have been for as long as this earth has been here. We don't try and offend we just want live our lives. And oh by the way. It is throw gay stuff. Instead of watching Grey's maybe you should read the dictionary.


    Jerry, you need to stop being so close minded and get a grip on life. Love doesn't discriminate.


    That Jerry guy's a twat to put it nicely. What is it exactly that's so fucking offensive!? It's two people who are attracted to each other, that's all...human nature. Your probably just a big bending bible basher are't you? God there's more problems going on in the world but noooooo, you have to go and comment on a same sex kiss and how terrble it is because apparnetly the war's not terrible, pedofiles aren't bad people, killer's don't really matter and god know's what else there is out there. But no, a lesbian kiss is more important. You should have saved yourself the extra minute it took you to write that comment and used it for better things. What a waste of a human being you are!


    That's bs jerry!! I think that Callie and Erica have the potential to be a great couple, more sane and stable than any other on the show. And plus, their chemistry is amazing!