That Car is So Fake
Check out this rare behind the scenes Grey's Anatomy photo. Green screen + beautiful actresses that capture our attention = scenes that look real on TV!

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I'm so gonna look hard when this scene comes up to see if I can pick out if it looks fake :D They look gorgeous.


@rod... can you post a link to this "Special Preview"?


I'm actually thinking this scene is in one of the song sequences.. when Callie hallucinates about this. Yes, they are going to be in a car crash, but this isn't the scene leading up to the crash, I don't think...


i dont think it is a car accident...because as the end of the promo showed Arizona running with mark and this means that it is rarely impossible to have a car accident where two human beings are in it, one ends up in the hospital and the other is walking and fine


Callie and Arizona have a car crash.
Callie will be in coma because of that.
And If you watch the "Special Preview" you´ll see Arizona running near to the gurney, so she´s fine.


YES!! I knew it was a car! :) I mean that's bad and all, but I pat myself on the back for calling it right. Except I came to the realization, when the hell did Callie or Arizona get a car?? Hahah, we very rarely see cars driven by the main characters in the show I just realized. Perhaps a rental to pick up their parents on the way to the airport?




Yep... I`m quite sure they get in an car accident! So... any idea what car this is?? I mean... i definitely see Arizona in a VW Beetle but this looks like an suv?!? And as i remember, callie has a cadillac


OMG. This might be the cause of the accident that'll lead to her coma??? :(

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The brain is the human body's most mysterious organ. It learns. It changes. It adapts. It tells us what we see, what we hear. It lets us feel love. I think it holds our soul. And no matter how much research we do, no one can really say how all that delicate grey matter inside our skull works. And, when it's hurt, when the human brain is traumatized, well, that's when it gets even more mysterious.


If you can think of a reason; any reason at all why the universe is so screwed up and random and mean; now would be an amazingly good time to tell me because I really need some answers.