The End of J's
Will this be the end of Jenny's time on the Upper East Side until further notice? The Season Three finale of Gossip Girl is shaping up to be a doozy for her character.

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i think chuck and jenny do sleep together but only because blair went to go meet him but then dorota had her baby so blair coodnt go and chuck got all upset coz he was gonna propose and then the next day blair goes to see him and tells him whjat happened only to find jenny in his bed or whatever then chuck tries to explain and tries to propose and blair goes off to think about it and tells dan and he punches chuck or that cameron guy does i dunno either one of them and yeahhh but i think CHUCK AND BLAIR ALL THE WAYYYY! i loved them ever since they started loving echother in season 1 CHAIR


i hate her hair.


Jenny is the shiznit! i don't want her to leave. she's awesome! the show will miss her.


taylor has the most "model-like" body in the show: lean legs and arms and long neck


you guys, C and J have been hanging out as friends for a while now and, even tough I don't think C/J really happens, if she's at his place it's just cause he's the only one except for E who actually talks to her!




Yeh she does sleep with chuck ! Chair


chuck wouldnt dare.


I hope she don´t look shocked because she is about to lose her virginity with Bass..... ¬¬


yep she's at chuck's. he's got a motorbike . . .

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

First of all, S., you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months, so life is kind of like summer for you.


Blair loves the Empire State Building. Even though she doesn't want to, and she should just admit it and make all our lives easier.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Music

  Song Artist
Youve really got a hold on me You've Really Got a Hold on Me Thao iTunes
Song Dead Man's Party Lights On
Song Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Eastern Conference Champions