The New Superman
On season nine of Smallville, Clark Kent will don an iconic outfit. This is what it will look like.

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I was intrigued by the actor does not choose ..... for the role of Superman, having grown up watching the series Smallville.
And I saw him as esclha obvious and definitive for the role.
WISH to know what were the reasons, I thank you now
carefully Garnder a fan


hey kalel i love u so much i'm abig fun of smallville

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Smallville Quotes

Clark: She saw it.
Nurse: Saw what?
Clark: Her future.

Oliver: The only way you'd get me back in here is by force.
Tess: Don't flatter yourself. The best thing I ever did in this bed was kick you out of it.
Oliver: Well, look, something out of your mouth I can believe.