The Perfect Couple?
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Are Nate and Blair destined to be together? Or are she and Chuck the better pairing?

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    Chuck and Blair

    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

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    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

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    Nair!!!!!!! :)


    Nair and Blair are totally perfect together!! More Nair on GG please!!!!


    nate nad Blair totally perfect together!! More nair on GG please!!!!


    Perfect? haha Chuck and Blair are the best! Nate and Blair are cute, but that's about it. Being in a realtionship is about trust, honesty and a real commitment. Chuck and Blair have been there for each other when the other one is in trouble and really know each other. They are true equals!


    They are far of being "The perfect couple". I don't like them together! On the other hand Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck... they are definitly THE PERFECT COUPLE :p


    Everyone keeps saying that Nate has never hurt Blair. But ummm... Aren't you guys forgetting the first season? Nate SLEPT with her BEST friend and was ok lying about it for a year. He never apologized for it, I believe he said "Look, either you forgive me or we end it". Nice, buddy, real nice. At least Chuck admitted that he was wrong. Whenever he messed with Blair it was because she was messing with him too, it was mutal. And yes, he said some awful things but then again so did Blair. And for part of it, he had just lost his father. Which is tough to say the least. He later apologized for being an ass. Not saying Chuck didn't deserved to be dumped, I just think he deserves a second chance, where Nate does not.


    hahaha are you kiddin me. Blair and Nate are about as cute as a needle in the eye. The writers need to smarten up and write the story straight, Blair and chuck are meant to be together without a dout. Honestly how much pushing is going to take. People are going to start hating gossip gitl if they dont bring our favorite couple back together. Chuck and Blair are meant for each other. End of story. Screw Vanessa. Chuck loves Blair and nothing will ever change that. And Blair loves Chuck to regardless of what she keeps telling everyone. She cant convince herself that she really does love Nate. Chuck and Blair have fireworks, Nate and Blair are just MEH!


    c and be aaallll the way :)
    they're like exciting and
    totally makes me happy when
    they're all happy together n and b. bleh way to boring =/


    B and N forever.
    N makes B happy and C makes B lonely.
    N and B are perfect for each other, just like how Cecily made them.


    Nate and Blair make me happy :) Chuck and Blair? Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.