The Princess Still in Peril?
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Blair Waldorf in a photo from the February 20, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl. Is she still being tormented by Louis?

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    I dont mind a Dair couple but say that Dan was ALWAYS in love with Blair is bunk. He just started getting to know her this year. After everything that happened between Blair and his sister it was understandable that he wouldn't be her biggest fan. But they bonded over their love of cinema and then became friends. He has tried in the past to be nice to Blair but she was never receptive of it until this year and Dan had no romantic interest in her until just now. He apparently has been writing Inside since high school, when he was in love with Serena and Blair was in the way of that. How is it that Serena is barely in there, yet Blair is the main character? What? This is bad writing here guys.


    she's ugly


    I wish the producers would stop torture me and the Dair fans I want them to get together but I'm starting to realize that she is not in love with Dan cause if she was why would she try and set him up with Serena and then explain to Serena that there's nothing going on between her and Dan. I really want their to be. Maybe Blair is just in denial about her feelings for Dan cause Serena see's something between Dan and Blair that even Blair doesn't see. It's taking way too long for Blair to realize that maybe she is in love with Dan and I am really started to get annoyed I hope it happens soon or I'm done with the show the reason I started watching in the first place was for Dan and Blair I love their chemistry its so fun to watch.


    I hope she finally reads it.


    god they continue with dan's crap book?!!!


    Yay! It looks like Blair's style is very slowly going back to normal s3/4 style!


    I thought it looked like Vanessa behind her too.


    Oh let me guess, she finally reads Dan's book and understands that Dan was in love with her all along and then she must go to him. Cheesy.


    So she is actually reading a novel standing there in a room where others are sitting doing this an UES version of Mcnally Robinson?


    Ugh, seriously? -.-'