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This is a photo from "The Townie," airing December 3. It's unclear if it refers to Serena, but Blake Lively starred in The Town. That's all.

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shes so pretty


townie probably is a reference to blake's movie, BUT people who live in towns where prep schools are (like the one serena was sent to) are called townies by the boarding school students.
I think Serena felt left out at school and she befriends Ben (the townie) whose a teacher, they get too close, Lily finds out, she covers it up by putting him in jail. Thats probably how Serena didn't know who Juliet was because lily went behind her back to cover it up.


guys shes not at the Ostroff centre maybe for like therapy but shes is wearing that outfit in other pic at her moms. And WFT stylists WHY IS SERENA van der WOODSEN wearing this outsit it all most as bad as juliets in the pic befor


Why she stay still in the Ostroff I think the true is already out


yeah, this is serena in the ostroff center.


@ sissi
yes i also thought that she would be in ostroff center when i saw the "gaslit" promo!


Seems like in this pictures she is still in Ostroff centre, I don't this is the sofa of her house.


Yea i realised Blake stared in the movie "The Town" episode called Townie. While Penn stared in the movie "Easy A" episode called Easy J.


"but Blake Lively starred in The Town" > oooh, lovely. Serena is a darling in the screen.

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