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AMC accidentally posted an ad on its online store that promoted the release of its season two DVD... and revealed a major plot point in the process. Consider yourself warned.

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    Great,Shane's such a psychopath,good to see him go!


    LOTN: truth is its stuck to certain bits but the timeline is different and the bits it has stuck to are happening later/earlier than in the comics... but to make a point i like the fact that the show and comic are 2 different directions it gives it a twist. stevie howell: what do you mean that is murrell not shane? the zombie on the cover? thats the zombie andrea killed in the RV note the screwdriver in the eye...


    That is merle not shane


    AMC did not post this. this was taken off the online store and was stated "Unauthorized" and is being investigated. ifthe writers didnt post this, i mean the company or amc or whatever, how can you know it is true?


    If Shane is gone then who's the other one to die. Maybe the Randell kid then. Especially if he has escaped from the shed. Can't wait to see Sunday!!


    Please tell me someone will finally watch what Carl is doing and not let him wonder off, doing what he pleases.


    Finally, I didn't like his character in the books or the show. I'm ready for the character Michonne, if they follow the books at all.


    now they should kill of andrew lincolns wife and the blonde one. they are so self-riteously annoying!!!!!


    you could tell this was going to happen because of the way he is spiralling out of control.


    Well if you'd seen or even read anything about the comics you'd already know this, so its not much of a spoiler except to those who've only ever seen the TV show. The show does seem to be following the comics fairly faithfully, so I knew this would happen from the start. LotN