This is the Queen!
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That's what Jenny should answer her phone with, we've decided, for maximum arrogance. Here she is in a photo from "The Last Days of Disco Stick."

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    I lOVE u tAYlor MomSEn....?? i WANNA be YOU..


    I meant *clone :P


    I agree with an earlier post, I think Jenny has become too big for her boots, and I too miss the old Jenny.
    She use to be so sweet, innocent and ambitious but now she's just trying to clown Blair, and is failing at doing it.
    Her style has completely turned on its head and become the opposit of what it use to be and she wears sooo much make-up when really she's pretty enough without it.
    I hate all the darks Jenny has recently started wearing, it just seems to gothic.
    And I'm not a big fan of her hair, I think it looks cheap and nasty like rats tails.
    Jenny has transformed into something awful and until the Jenny from season 1 and 2 returns I will not be giving this character my full tv-viewing devotion.


    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!She looks so beautiful and fresh without that disgusting punk-rock make-up.I love IT!!!If only she would stay this way...


    I love jenny, she needs to be in it more


    gorgeous, i totally love T-mom, like if she was in my school i would like totally fall over myself to be one of her minions. And i am, like the queen in my school :Dlol


    Why hasn't superdad Rufus come save the day? He needs to stop being so whipped by Lily, after all, she doesn't have a claim on mother of the year. Alison sure pegged her offspring right in the first season.


    Glad to see she's not caked in make-up as she usually is.
    I HATE the new Jenny.
    What happend to the shy wannabe who use to spend hours on her sewing machine, the one who use to take HelloKitty sleeping bags to sleepovers and use to look up to the likes of Blair?
    I think she's dramatically changed from season 1 and 2.
    For a start, he style has gone way to extreme... I want the quirky innocent one back! Not the bad girl wannabe! Plus her hair looks way to blonde! - What happend to the natural golden she had?
    And She wears WAY to much make-up.
    When Blair was 16 she never dressed like Jenny. Jenny has gotten to big for her boots and needs to be put back in her place.
    I hope Lily divorces Rufus, Jenny being rich is making me squirm!


    OMG she looks amazing! Im so jealous of her hair!!!


    I love her hair