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Thorsten Kaye won't be moving to Los Angeles. All My Children is moving filming across the country and Kaye is leaving the show as a result.

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AMC has made many mistakes and lost so many good actors. Thorsten Kaye will be truly missed by all true AMC fans. He made the show exciting. I will miss Zak with Kendall they just were a couple that I enjoyed watching. Good luck to you and your family. What a great guy!!!!


I hope he comes back from the dead as Patrick and he and
Marty will be together again on OLTL. Who wants to move
to California now since the state is bankrupt?


First of all, I can't believe you're moving filming to the west coast, I'm really surprised you aren't losing more great actor/actresses. People have a hard time disrupting their lives and moving that far from family and friends. I sure will miss 'Zach', he plays this part so well and is so convincing. I'll be one of the ones crying when he's gone.

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