Two and a Half Men Promotional Photo
Excited for season nine of Two and a Half Men? CBS has released this promotional photo in honor of it.

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Top 10 reasons to watch: 10. Because the EMMY's are finally over the night before.
9. Angus is now growing up and will get as many girlfriends as Sheen once did, in fact he will try to get Charlie's old ones including his teachers
8. Jon Cryer now has a Walk of Fame presence
7. Who cares about the CW's Hart of Dixie anyway
6. Glee is on Tuesday nights
5. Modern Family is on Wednesday nights
4. 30Rock won't start new Eps until January 2012
3. Shark Tank is on Fridays
2. The Simpsons are on Sundays
1. Monday night football has not started yet

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Two and a Half Men Quotes

Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.