Ed Westwick, that is. The Gossip Girl is shown here at the premiere of The Dark Knight in New York City in July 2008. What a hunk!!

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I love him SOOOO Muchhhh


Nia: He's right up to the camera here, which explains the lighter shade. That was probably a really strong flash.


Okay, so, changed my mind, doubt Ed is too egotistical to wear color contacts anyway. It's just that I thought they were dark brown in so many of the pics. Heart Chuck Bass! Heart heart Chuck/Blair!


OMGG! Didn't know Ed's eyes were hazel....although color contacts can do a wonderful job....


omg i love his lips in this pik they are 2 purrrfect!!!!!!!


his right eye is lighter thann his left wthh. hah still love him


ohmygoshh. his eyes are soo pretty =D

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