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What Will She Choose?
Blair Waldorf has a decision to make. Will it be Chuck ... or saying goodbye to him forever?

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eeew no dair pleease. really? it's like blair and serena are sharing all their boyfriends.. they both had nate and now dan? nooo chair is for eternity ;D


i agree with Sonya :)


omg...what is with you ppl???? i mean...Blair and Dan? are you serious?! chuck and blair are the perfect couple...i mean gg wouldn't be the same without them together.....

Jennmo13 gg 3



She can never be herself with Dan. Chuck brings out the best and the worst in her. They know each other almost better than they know themselves (and both of them are pretty complicated so that's saying something). I really hope they stay together and get married at the end :)


I have to say my obsession if Chair and Chuck and all his Ed Westwick goodness, but its so hard to say cause Chuck did mess up. I would like to see Dair yet i love chair AND ITS SUCH A HARD DECISION ohgod i cant wait to see what they do...


DAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love chuck.. really i do a lot!!! CHAIR was awesome .. but..chuck screw it up so badly.. so.. for a little time blair should take a break.. and...DAIR could be very veryy WOW! to see!


JENNY IS LEAVING THE SHOW COS of schedule conflicts with her BAND'S SUMMER TOUR. the tour has an indefinite schedule because some shows might be booked further so this kinda leaves her havign no choice but to choose on either taping ot touring. She did say she wanted to prioritize her music career. So yeah. I THINK ANYONE WHO SAYS HE/SHE WILL STOP WATCHING COS JENNY IS GONE SHOULD TAKE A GOOD BEATING. just saying.


jenny is off the show??

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

First of all, S., you didn't go to school this year and you haven't had a real job in months, so life is kind of like summer for you.


Blair loves the Empire State Building. Even though she doesn't want to, and she should just admit it and make all our lives easier.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 Music

  Song Artist
Youve really got a hold on me You've Really Got a Hold on Me Thao iTunes
Song Dead Man's Party Lights On
Song Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Eastern Conference Champions