Yang in Thought
Cristina is lost in thought on Grey's Anatomy. It's easy to see how she might be.

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Is she regretting the wedding? I HOPE SO. It'd be so awesome to see the drama of her regretting it and then her/owen get into fights and he goes back to teddy causing more drama :O i know...im dark and twisty, lol.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Go hug yourself!


They say lightning never strikes twice, but that is a myth. It doesn't happen often, lightening usually gets it right the first time. When you're hit with 30,000 amps of electricity you feel it. It can make you forget who you are. It can burn you, blind you, stop your heart. And cause massive internal injuries. But, for something that happens in only a millisecond, it can change your life forever.