Song Artist
The-last-summer-1 The Last Summer The Forward iTunes
Song Blue Day Darker My Love iTunes
Song Alone Morning After Girls
Song Put In A Little Gas Colourmusic iTunes
What-a-wonderful-world What A Wonderful World Joey Ramone iTunes
Song Gymnopedie No. 1 Erik Satie iTunes
Sirens-in-the-deep-sea Sirens In The Deep Sea Longwave iTunes
Magic-show Magic Show Electric Owls iTunes
Auctioneer Auctioneer The Broken West iTunes
You-and-me You and Me Attack! Attack! iTunes
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90210 Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

No! Just stop talking! Stop. It was a nice try, Matthews. You think I'm dumb? Well, I'm not dumb! It took me a while, but I figured out what you were up to. You said to me that you liked movies better than blogs. You think you could possibly be referring to the one that I posted about you? Huh, I wonder? You never got over it, did you? You pretended to! You pretended to forgive me! You even invited me back into your classroom! All so that you could encourage me to make this movie! This was all a setup!


You managed to turn Dixon against me. You managed to ruin my relationship, the one thing I care the most about in this entire world!


90210 Season 1 Episode 17 Music

  Song Artist
Cheap-and-cheerful Cheap And Cheerful The Kills iTunes
The-palace-at-4-am The Palace at 4 AM A.C. Newman iTunes
Turn-me-off Turn Me Off Audrye Sessions iTunes
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