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You-cant-explain-logic-may-you-have-great-wisdom May You Have Great Wisdom You Can't Explain Logic
Season 1 Episode 5: "Judgment"
Dj-mason-exceeder Exceeder DJ Mason
Season 1 Episode 4: "Cura Te Ipsum"
Song I've Been Thinking About You Blues Version
Season 1 Episode 3: "Mission Creep"
Massive-attack-live-with-me Live With Me Massive Attack
Season 1 Episode 3: "Mission Creep"
Song The Truth Roisin Murphy
Season 1 Episode 2: "Ghosts"
Handsome-boy-modeling-school-the-truth The Truth Handsome Boy Modeling School iTunes
Massive-attack-angel Angel Massive Attack iTunes
Mogwai-i-know-you-are-but-what-am-i I Know You Are But What Am I? Mogwai iTunes
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Person of Interest Quotes

When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someone different, someone better. When that person is taken from you, what do you become then?


Obstacles are only obstacles until you move them out of the way.

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