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Fly Back Home Lyrics

Baby I know that I hurt you
Tore your little heart apart, hey yeah
And baby I know I mistreated you
And I knew I was wrong from the start, hey yeah
Please forgive me, I'm only human
And I've been so alone since you've been gone
Been too long since you've been gone
And tell me why have you stayed so far from home
'Cause I know it's been rough out there on your own
So come back, come back, where you belong
Baby please tell me now
Oh now please, show me how to make it up to you
[ From: ]
oh, I do know that I broke you down so
i made you want to let me go, oh
please forgive me, I made mistakes
So please don't take your love away
Repeat Chorus
my love, my love, can I please explain
'Cause I can't take the past away
i know I was a fool for treating you cruel
So what's a girl like me to do
Come home, yeah yeah
Come home
Repeat Chorus 2 times
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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

I'm sorry that the family I was given has created such chaos in the family I've chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much.


Your father knew the patch was a mistake, and so do you. Look at the violence in the last three days alone. Is that the life you want for your child. If you love him, give him more.

Ashby (to Jax)