Go On, Say It
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Go On, Say It Lyrics

picking up sound on the inner state
high in my breath
letting in waste
there will be time when the sleep I'm in
covers me cold
covers me thin

I know I wake up
forgetting which box this is in
how I will keep you
just how I left you

my daughter once told me I know a lot
now I'm strutting off with more than I've got
a hitchhiker told me I don't talk a lot
made me feel fine
made me quiet

if you had said it right
instead of praying to us why (?)
how I will keep you
just how I left you

come on, say it right (x8)
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Doctor [to Erin]: Are you currently in a relationship?
Naomi: Actually she's in two.

This coming from the bitch who does nothing but meddle in everyone's life. We all know it's why you lost Max.

Annie [to Naomi]
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