The relationship between Crosby and Jasmine heats up this week on "Namaste No More". Also, Julia coaches Sydney's soccer team, while Haddie needs sex advice, and Zeek finally tells Camille about their financial troubles.
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As this episode title makes clear, Adrianna and Javier grow awfully close on next week's episode of 90210. Will Navid work up the courage to tell Adrianna how he feels?
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On last night's NCIS, the team set out to solve the mystery of a dead Navy Lieutenant, which flummoxed them all, and Tony got in over his head.
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Molly Shannon debuted on Glee this week, while Olivia Newton-John made a hilarious appearance/video. We were also treated to the soft side of Sue and the hard side of Emma.
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Wow. Did anyone see this coming? Lost killed off a trio of original characters this week, as it answered the question once and for all: Yes, the Man in Black is evil.
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Raylan diffuses a hostage situation without much drama, but gets far worse news from the US Attorney's office at the end of the episode. Our review looks at its impact on Raylan and the rest of the Justified cast.
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