Sure, you love science fiction programming on television, but do you have any idea what kind of sci-fi person you are deep down? Find out now!
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On The 100 Season 3 Episode 8, Kane makes a very risky move against Pike while Raven asks Jasper for help with an ALIE job, leading to a shocking realization for her. Read on!
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A glow-in-the-dark dog, a killer robot, and a family trust all played into Elementary Season 4 Episode 16. Read on for our review of "Hounded"!
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Professional issues may come between Ben and Bailey on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 13, but there's a tricky surgery for the Dream Team to tackle first. Read on!
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On Colony Season 1 Episode 9 Katie and Will find themselves at a crossroads and viewers are given their first glimpse of the hosts. What did it look like?
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A mysterious Norwegian king visited Kattegat on Vikings Season 4 Episode 4. Bjorn survived his quest and returned a new man. Does he know who sent the assassin? Read on!
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