On Supernatural Season 11 Episode 2, Sam races to find a cure for his infection. Meanwhile, Dean helps get Jenna home as the Darkness continues to grow more powerful.
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On Nashville Season 4 Episode 4, Scarlett and Deacon are at odds, Layla and Markus are shaping up to be bitter rivals, and a love triangle takes a very bromantic turn!
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On Modern Family Season 7 Episode 4 Lily finally gets some screen time while Phil tries to raise ducklings. Will the eggs hatch? Read the review to find out.
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On Rosewood Season 1 Episode 4, Villa and Rosewood solve a crime that hits close to home, plus Rosewood recieves news that could be life changing. Read on for our review!
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With Arrow Season 4 Episode 2, we have the setup for two major storylines going forward, including our new candidate for mayor and the resurrection of Sara Lance. Read on!
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We got to say a final goodbye to Vernon on Empire Season 2 Episode 4, as Andre looked to finally find his way back to Empire. Would Lucious finally give him what he wanted? Read on.
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