On New Girl Season 5 Episode 13, Jess applies for a job at a progressive school, but will her ex-boyfriend Sam get in the way? Read on to find out.
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On Bitten Season 3 Episode 7, while Elena makes a deal with Roman's son about his dad's future, Rachel frantically searches for her son. Read on.
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On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 21, Ralph experiences an unexpected downside of his intelligence while Team Scorpion battles a tornado. Read on!
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The much anticipated crossover with The Flash finally arrived on Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18. Was it everything you hoped it would be? Read on for our thoughts!
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On Gotham Season 2 Episode 16, Jim faces new dangers when he's moved into the general prison population, while Penguin faces danger from his new family!
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It was all about the lovelorn and court proceedings on Arrow Season 4 Episode 16, but did the audience have more broken hearts than the characters? Share you thoughts!
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