Did America choose the right winner for Season 11 of American Idol?

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    Philip Philips, Scotty Mc Creey, Kris Allen all these guys didnt deserve to win. The runner ups deserve to win. I think, there is a big mistake with voting system. I hope the new judges will realize this mistake and and can put the really excellent singer to win. Its really ashamed they won because of their look and not for the quality of their voice. After the contest they will dissapear because they are not good. This contest should emphasize the singing quality and not the look. Give the right person/ people a chance to win. Otherwise this show will go down and dissapear slowly but surely.


    Elyse Testone should have won Season 11's AI.


    i'm a 60 year old woman who always watches American Idol. Such talented young people! I love Phillip; just enjoy his performances and voice. I thought Jessica was awesomely talented, but for some reason I just wasn't very interested in her performances. I see no reason for such mean comments and anger. If Jessica has star quality, she will go on to a successful career, and Phillip will also do well or not well regardless of his win. I loved Ruben Studdard but he hasn't had huge success. American Idol brings talent to the attention of the public, and the rest is...fate, luck, talent, etc.


    I think philip philips deservs to win


    First time I knew hands down who would be the winner when Phillip made the top four. It was obvious in so may ways how he was slated to win Idol. I personally did not think he deserved to win or even be in the top 5. There were far better talented singers than he. Shame on American Idol & their voting system. Will never see a true talent win this.


    No, he didn't. At the very beginning of the season, I was a fan, but as time went on, I realized it was the same thing, over and over and over. If you've heard on PP song, you've heard them all. It's almost like he's stuck in a rut with a monotone way of singing. Watching him sing was very painful with all those weird faces. At least when Taylor Hicks made weird faces, he sounded good. I agree, Jessica will go much further. Joshua Ledet deserved to be in the final a hell of a lot more than PP did.


    It was kind of obvious that even Philip was shocked that he won !


    hey jerry, if you would open your ears and get your head out of your ass, you would find that 132 million votes were generated, and 625 votes from you dont mean squat. a you send in that many, someone else sends in over 800 for phillip. ok. final thing. if you look on Wikipedia, you will find that both Phillip and jessica were destined to be in the Finale.


    GAH!!!!!!!!! at all these comments!!
    I honestly can't believe some of you people.
    EVERY YEAR people complain that the runner up was robbed. (I don' think this was the case this year)
    AI HAS NEVER had a one vote per person system. It makes no sense to me
    that they make a big deal about how many votes there were when everybody
    knows you can vote as many times as you like within their specified time frame.
    The judges this season have been biased, extremely biased.....and they shouldn't be doing that. I think JLO is holding out for more money before making a decision to return next year.


    Ryan said 128 or so million votes cast. If a person phoned about 20 times for Jessica or Phillip, then there were 6 million persons actually voting. If 3 million people voted 10 times for Jessica but 2 million voted 50 times for Phillip, then Phillip won by the number of phone calls or texts voting for him. He did not win by the number of persons who voted. Is this fair, reasonable and just? NO. It's like one voter casting tens of the same ballots in the same election precinct on the same election day. American Idol is thus a monumental FRAUD!